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We are licensed life and accident and health insurance agents. As insurance agents, we are the representatives of the insurance company. Our services are provided at no cost to you. When you purchase insurance through us, we receive compensation from the insurance company that issues the policy. This compensation may include commissions when a policy is purchased or renewed, and fees for marketing and administrative services and educational opportunities. The compensation may vary by insurer and the specific product and features purchased. We may be entitled to receive bonuses and incentive trips or prizes associated with sales or sales performance. The products we offer may vary based on factors such as face amount, customer age, health status and other considerations.

AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. makes no representation as to the financial or other suitability of any product described on this site for any user. In order to evaluate whether a particular product is suitable for your financial needs, you should contact your financial advisor.

Our recommendation(s) of insurance coverage may not necessarily be the lowest rate alternative(s) available or the best alternative(s) for your individual needs. In identifying and recommending insurance products to you, we consider a variety of factors in addition to the premium rates and your personal information; including the insurer's credit rating, the insurer's reputation for service and claims settlement, the features of the policy, and agent commissions and fees received by us.

AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of American General Life Insurance Company and an affiliate of The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, both member companies of American International Group, Inc. American General Life Companies,, is the marketing name for a group of affiliated domestic life insurers including American General Life Insurance Company.

Agency Name & License Info

Licensed as AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc.

  • Arkansas: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # 100105378
  • California: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # 0B57619
  • Minnesota: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # IA-20044713
  • Louisiana: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # 224871
  • Utah: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # 6787
  • Massachusetts: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # 1994953
  • Texas: AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc. – license # 13322


"Do Not Call" Policy - AIG Direct Insurance Services, Inc.

If a consumer requests a copy of our "Do Not Call" policy, we will send a copy via U.S. mail or electronic mail.

Consumers may request, by telephone or in writing, that our company stop calling them and place their name on a "Do Not Call" list. Although we may ask for your name, address and telephone number, we will accept your request even if you only provide your telephone number. You have a right to have calls stopped and to be put on our "Do Not Call" list even if you are still a customer.

When we receive your request, your telephone number will be added to our "Do NotCall" list within 15 business days, however, it may take up to 31 days for your telephone number to be removed from all other company-wide calling lists. Your request will stay on our "Do Not Call" list for at least 5 years. If you move, change your telephone number, or add an additional telephone number, you must provide us with the new telephone number in order for us to prevent calls to that number.

We will not share your do not call request with anyone except affiliated companies or subsidiaries without your prior written permission. All employees that engage in outbound telephone solicitation are trained in this policy and made aware of these procedures before they are allowed to place calls to consumers. Managers, supervisors, or trainers review the policy with these employees annually.

The methods and procedures in this "Do Not Call" policy are reviewed by the Compliance Manager annually.